Artefact magazine


Art Direct and design Artefact magazine, a publication written by final year BA (hons) Journalism students at London College of Communication.

Front and back covers for Artefact issue 16. Illustration by Hank Zacle

Having initially worked on the design of the first issue of Artefact magazine — brought in to work with Scott King — I took sole charge over the design of all subsequent issues. 

On taking charge of the design I had to make some changes to better address the needs and requirements of the students. While still ensuring the quality of the magazine remained as high as possible. This included commissioning student illustrators and photographers wherever possible, and having meetings with the journalists to better understand the articles they are working on.

Layout for an article on US public access television in the 1980s and 90s
Front and back cover for Artefact Issue 19. Created in the London College of Communication Letterpress studio
Layout for an article on US public access television in the 1980s and 90s. Artefact Issue 21.
Spread from Artefact 21. Illustration by Han Meng (After Henry Darger)
Spread from Artefact Issue 14. Illustrations by Tae Park
A layout from Artefact Issue 18
a layout from Artefact issue 20. Illustration by Yuting Zhang

Artefact now runs to over 20 issues, and a sister publication (A+) was launched on the success of the project, and includes contributions from across the whole college.

Both Artefact and A+ have been shortlisted for the Stack Independent Magazine Awards on numerous occasions.

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