In Isolation: The first wave

Experimental Publishing

As a means of documenting my own thoughts and feelings surrounding Covid-19 I created a typo/graphic journal. Each day I produced a response to developing news, or thoughts and feelings emerging from the unprecedented circumstances.

The front cover of 'In Isolation: The first wave' book. The cover is red, with black and white text across it.
A spread from In Isolation. Day 6: Blue skies, blossom and birdsong. black ink on blue paper. Day 7 Clear skies betray unease / its not if but when
A spread from In Isolation. Day 13: rest/ reset on play orange paper. Day 14 'Over and over' hand painted on yellow paper, with concentric circles in the background.
A spread from In Isolation. Day 32: Off white paper with a grid rubber stamped onto it. With the grid is stencilled'. Day 33. reduced to a subdivision of the screen'. Day 33 A treat is allowed occasionally, stencilled over the top of an image of a pizza, on yellow paper.
A spread from In Isolation. Day 41: stencilled onto the paper ' still the blossom falls'. Around the text are different sized circular stickers piled up to resemble falling blossom. Day 42. Light green paper with Green tape overlaid to resemble grass. Stencilled but visible under the tape is 'The now ritual bike ride'.

My approach to creating each entry was similar to that which I had explored in my previous sketchbox work, centring around my collection of stencils, paper offcuts and anything else to hand.

I visually explored the situation from personal, political and social perspectives.

A spread from In Isolation. Day 62 white paper with a grid stamped on it, and circles of difference colours and sizes are drawn all over it. In the grid 'approximation of NHS rainbows passed' is stencilled. Day 63 On blue paper the words 'an overwhelming urge to paddle across' is stencilled in different type faces
A spread from In Isolation. Day 67: 'something must emerge' stencilled over a yellow and a grey circle on off white paper. Day 68: the text 'a short walk becomes a game of chess', laid out as if on a chess board.
A spread from In Isolation. Day 52: 'Stand here please' partially obscured by red tape and black ink indicating position to stand. On yellow paper. Day 53: 'Overlwhelmed by the thoughts of others, on pink paper with trails of circles going across the page.
A spread from In Isolation. Day 71: 'look for the loop holes' stencilled over the top of the text 'stay alert'. On yellow paper.
A spread from In Isolation. Day 97: Stencilled in white ink on blue paper ' as I sat, I read, I saw an egret' blue ink splashes on top of the text. Day 98. 'The ground shifts' stencilled onto a pattern with straight edges of black, white and grey paper.

The project was paused on the 100th day, which coincided with the last of the daily coronavirus briefings from the Prime Minister. The plan is to start the project up again should there be a second wave within the UK.

I have since published these entries as a book, In Isolation: the first wave. These images are spreads from the book. Available from my online shop.

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