Oswin Tickler is an art director, designer and educator specialising in experimental publishing and editorial design

A spread from In Isolation. Day 72: A rubber stamped grid on off-white paper, a cluster of small red circular stickers in the top right of the grid, with the words 'has everyone given up?' outside of the grid is a single red sticker. Day 73 'A little less listlessness please' on off-white paper.

In Isolation: The first wave

Experimental Publishing

A selection of front covers for Artefact magazine.

Artefact magazine


Algorithmically generated coat-of-arms bearing the motto: Love Among Health

The New Heraldry


Council records logo (white on black)

Council Records


Front cover of the Chanced Arm Collaboration with Visual communication students at Birmingham city University

Chanced Arm collaborations

Experimental Publishing

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