A printers sheet of different versions of the numbers 29 in green and white ink on black paper.

Fedrigoni and TM Studio

Fedrigoni 365 (366)

Lots of diary covers with different arrangements of geometric shapes and colours. each one has a unique design.

Fenner Paper

2024 Diary covers

BAFTA Brochures each with a unique cover displayed on theatre seats ahead of an awards ceremony. Photo by Antony Jones/BAFTA/Getty Images for BAFTA


Awards Brochures

Unique covers for BAFTA across their 2023 awards ceremonies.

A grid of artefact magazine covers for the "cost of living crisis issue" showing some of the unique covers generated by using creative code.

'The Cost of Living Crisis' Issue

Artefact Magazine

This issue reveals the ways people in the UK are affected by the economic situation. Unique covers point to those individual narratives.

A photograph of a selection of variable modern heraldry cards from the Fusing Frontier project

Fusing Frontiers

Digital / Print / Exhibition / Workshop

A suite of materials demonstrating the capabilities of HP Spark, generating variable print from creative coding.

A spread from In Isolation. Day 72: A rubber stamped grid on off-white paper, a cluster of small red circular stickers in the top right of the grid, with the words 'has everyone given up?' outside of the grid is a single red sticker. Day 73 'A little less listlessness please' on off-white paper.

In Isolation

Experimental Publishing

A typo/graphic journal exploring shifting thoughts and feelings during the  pandemic from personal, political, & social perspectives.

An irregular pattern generated by piece of code in HP Spark.

HP Spark

Software Development

Variable digital print software developed by HP Indigo from my experimentation with creative coding for print.

8 different covers from the "our Algorithmic Lives" publication, which used creative coding to create unique covers.

Our Algorithmic lives

Experimental Publishing

As a way of visualising Algorithms in print, Oswin explored creative coding as a means of generating variable digital print covers.

A close up of Chanced Arm Zine unfolded to show a range of content - printed in a distinctive orange and blue.

Chanced Arm

Experimental Publishing

A single sheet mag/a-zine created in 24hrs. Content produced through social media open calls. Led to collaborative issues with partners.

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